Weight Distribution Hitch to Prevent rv swaying bouncing

Weight Distribution Hitch to Prevent rv swaying bouncing

RV swaying bouncing

RV swaying bouncing: If you are ready to hitch up your RV for travel this summer, we don’t blame you. We all need to get away from our houses due to the pandemic. However, there are some things we need to let you know about towing an RV. Keep reading for more information.

rv swaying bouncing

Why Is a Weight Distribution Hitch So Important?

No one wants to tow an RV with a lot of swaying and bouncing. A trailer that sways and bounces can be very nerve-wracking, especially if you are traveling long distances. A good weight distribution hitch helps your trailer be more stable to tow, and it also helps with parking, which can be downright scary. Good trailer hitches are also important if you are going off-road past a lot of obstacles because you can turn more effectively.

One of our favorite hitches is the Blue Ox BXW1000 Sway Pro. This hitch is amazing because once you have the hitch installed, you don’t have to worry about it any longer. The hitch does all the work for you. The hitch allows you to drive at a greater speed without being worried the trailer will fishtail.

Another great hitch is the EAZ Lift 48053. This hitch is a round bar hitch, and we love it because it not only performs well, but it is budget-friendly. The EAZ Lift allows you to tow effectively without breaking the bank. You do need to know that you may need to buy the ball hitch separately.

We also like the Husky 32218 hitch, because it is one of the quietest hitches out there. Anyone who has ever traveled with a baby knows that the quieter your ride is, the less likely you’re going to pull your hair out on your family vacation.

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