Updating the Floor in Your RV in the New Year

Updating the Floor in Your RV in the New Year

RV floor: Well, we waited for 365 days, but at last, 2022 has arrived. It’s a new year with much emphasis on the word “new.” It’s a time for regeneration, rejuvenation, and regrowth, of both the spiritual and the physical. If you’re an RV owner, it might be best to utilize the allowed time to apply something new to your little piece of joy on wheels. After all, it’s better than something old, borrowed, or blue. When it comes to the subject of new, maybe some new flooring will spruce up your RV for when you decide to take it on the road next.


Doing it DIY-RV Floor

rv Floor Every time you take your RV on the road, you’re embracing the DIY spirit. By not adhering to roots, you’re living life on your own terms. You can apply this same ethic to the floor in your RV. While there are more than enough professionals you can call in to do the job for you, there’s a great joy that comes from doing it yourself. After all, it’s your living space, so why not give it that unique personal touch? There are plenty of videos online that can serve as tutorials, so you don’t have to worry about going it blindly.

There are a variety of flooring options available, such as rug or linoleum. Think carefully about how much traffic comes in and out of your RV before making a final choice. (Linoleum is easier to keep clean and high traffic can track in dirt quickly on a rug.) One of the most popular materials that people use is vinyl, it’s easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive.

Helpful Tips for a DIY Job

If you’ve never undertaken a sizable DIY job, then we’ve gathered some helpful tidbits of advice for you to follow. These aren’t necessarily set in stone, after all, it IS a do-it-yourself job, with emphasis on self. However, we’re offering, just the same.

  • Measure the area you’re going to work in and make an accurate diagram. This will provide a visual to work from.
  • Remove furniture before removing the floor. A flathead screwdriver should work fine.
  • Clean and level the floors as thoroughly as possible. Before installing any flooring, make sure that any and all obstructions are cleared away. When installing the RV Floor, be sure to use an effective adhesive.
  • Take your time, there’s no need to rush the job. Haste makes waste.

Patriot RV Prestonsburg

A DIY floor job can be challenging for a first-timer. That’s why Patriot RV Prestonsburg has a knowledgeable staff that can give you advice and points you in the direction of a wonderful job. For sales, service, and more articles such as this one, cruise on over to patriotrvprestonsburg.com.

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