RV Driving Tips That Will Make You a Pro

RV Driving Tips That Will Make You a Pro

December 22, 2020

RV Driving Tips That Will Make You a Pro

If you’re used to driving a regular sedan, truck, or SUV, slow down your RV driving speed when you’re behind the wheel of an RV. Smaller vehicles can operate at higher speeds safely, but a vehicle as large as an RV needs to drive slower. The bigger an RV, the slower you should drive to avoid any hazards.

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Not only should you drive slower, but you should also brake more gradually when you’re operating your RV. Gradual braking allows for a safer distance between you and other vehicles. Braking slower also saves money on gas, helping you operate your RV as fuel efficiently as possible.

It’s no secret that RVs are harder to park in traditional parking spots than regular vehicles. If you are parking your RV in a parking lot, whether you’re grabbing some things from the store or dining at a restaurant, give yourself plenty of room. Parking in large areas, or parking away from other vehicles, allows you to park safely. If you’re parking at a camping site, make sure the spot you reserve is exclusively for RVs. These parking spots will have generous space for your vehicle.

It doesn’t hurt to travel with a friend or family member whose designated job is to act as an extra set of eyes. Whether you’re switching lanes or backing into a parking spot, it’s helpful to have someone guide you in the right direction to avoid any fender benders.

RVs are designed to seat multiple passengers. To drive as safely as possible, make sure all of your riders are seated during your trips. Passengers should always wear seat belts and small children should always ride in a car seat.

Follow these tips to get from here to there as safely as possible in your RV. To find the perfect RV for your travels, check out Patriot RV at 7405 Route 60 in Ashland, Kentucky.

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