Tips For Camping in the Spring What You Need to Know!

Tips For Camping in the Spring What You Need to Know!

Tips For Camping in the Spring

Spring is an awesome season to go camping in your RV. Patriot RV of Prestonsburg provides a list of 8 helpful tips below to ensure that you experience the most enjoyment from your camping adventures.

Camping in the Spring


  • It is crucial that you watch the weather during spring since the temperatures can vary. By downloading a well-trusted weather app you will be on top of any significant changes in climate.
  • Make sure that you are well-prepared for the possibility of rain. Bring tarps to place over all of your outdoor equipment. Umbrellas and towels will be sights for sore eyes as well in the event of rainy weather. Indoor and outdoor rugs are also very good to take on your journey. Wiping off your shoes on the rugs will significantly lessen dirt and mud from making their way throughout your RV.
  • To make the interior of your RV as comfortable as possible, take along dehumidifiers to counteract moisture. You may wish to situate one in the central area of your RV and another one in the bathroom.
  • Bug spray and citronella candles are lifesavers when it comes to annoying insects. Another terrific and effective bug deterrent is sage. By burning a nice-sized bundle, the smoke creates a natural creepy-crawly repellent.
  • Scan the intended campsite beforehand if possible. Will the area be workable or become a nightmare in case of rainy weather? Look for ground that is level, simple to pull your RV into and out of, and covered with concrete or gravel so as not to deal with dirt or mud. If you are unable to survey the land yourself, don’t hesitate to call the campground to obtain the aforementioned information.
  • Weather is well-known to be “iffy” in camping in the Spring. The best way to be ready for any type of climate is to bring layers of clothing with you. This way, you can adjust your outfits to accommodate the weather.
  • Plastic bins with accompanying lids are certainly useful for endless storage purposes. Another great storage service they provide is that you can store firewood in them to keep the wood dry.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen! This item is vital to carry with you on your trek. No one enjoys getting sunburn and the long-term damage it can have on the skin. There is also an array of sun-protective clothing you can purchase for even further shielding from the sun.

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