Exploring the Different Types of RVs Available

Exploring the Different Types of RVs Available

Exploring the Different Types of RVs Available

RVs types: If you are new to RVing, welcome to the club! You are about to join millions and millions of other happy RV owners here in the United States. If you are just getting started, we know you will want some information on what type of RV might be best for you and your family.

owable RVs types

Towable RVs types

If you decide to buy a towable RV, you are buying an RV that you can tow behind a truck or SUV. The smallest of the towable RVs is the pop-up camper. Pop-up campers are lightweight. You can tow them behind your family vehicle. The camper has a hard bottom, and sides made of canvas. If you have a small, young family who wants to camp outdoors without sleeping on the ground, the pop-up camper might be perfect. You may also want to opt for the tiny trailer or the teardrop trailer. These trailers are hard-shelled and have either a bedroom only or a simple bed/bath/kitchen combination. They are made to take advantage of space and minimalism, so don’t expect a lot of amenities.

Travel trailers are medium-sized entries into the RV towable category. You have to have a bumper hitch or frame hitch to tow these. Travel trailers can weigh up to 10,000 pounds. These travel trailers have sliders that move out to accommodate more people. If you are camping with adults, or you camping with four or five people, a travel trailer might be perfect. The largest two towable RVs are fifth wheels, which usually have sleeping areas, a living room, a bathroom with a shower, and a kitchen. You might also want a toy trailer to haul you and your toys as well. Both of these are heavy-duty trailers and require a heavy-duty truck to haul them.

Motorized RVs

There are three classes of motorized RVs. A class C RV (motorhome) is built on a truck frame, while a class B motorhome is built on a van frame. Both of these RVs are small and cozy, and both will easily move into RV campgrounds. The class C motorhomes are slightly bigger than the class B motorhomes, but both offer a bedroom, bathroom, and a kitchen/living room.

The largest motorhome is a class A. Class A motorhomes are available in gas or diesel engines. These are the huge, luxury motorhomes that can fit an entire large family–or a band on tour.

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