Start Planning Your Spring Camping Trip Now

Start Planning Your Spring Camping Trip Now

March 23, 2020

Planning a camping trip can be a lot of fun however if not planned correctly, it can cause chaos. So this spring, to avoid chaos, there are a number of factors you need to take into consideration when planning a camping trip. Here is what goes into planning a successful and fun trip.

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Plotting and planning is an important step towards a successful camping trip. If you want to have fun while camping, you need to consider the weather before you begin your trip. If the weather is too hot, then you may want to avoid camping near deserts and other open lands that have very little green cover. If it is cold, then you will have to camp in warmer areas. You also need to freeze on the number of days you want to allocate to the trip. You will also need to include the traveling time when allocating the days.

Picking Campsites

When picking a campsite, you need to take the parking space for your RV into consideration as well. Another thing you need to do is to also book in advance if you are camping in popular areas because these campsites have limited slots available in spring. Different parks have different time slots for reservations. Call up and check when you can reserve your campsite. You will also need to pick a campsite that will provide food and where food is unavailable at a campsite, groceries, so that you can cook in your RV as you like.

Camping Checklist

When packing your RV for camping, there are a few essentials that you must pack along. One of the benefits of camping with an RV is that you do not get exposed to the elements however you need to follow a checklist in order to stay safe. Some of the items on the checklist include:

  • Tire air pressure gauge
  • Insulation tape so that you can protect your RV’s pipes
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Double check the battery of the RV

If you are looking for the right RV for your spring camping trip, call us at 833.685.5249 or visit the Patriot RV of Ashland dealership at 7405 US-60, Ashland, KY 41102.

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