Spring Cleaning Your RV After Winter Storage

Spring Cleaning Your RV After Winter Storage

Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

spring cleaning is officially here! And for RV enthusiasts like us at Patriot RV, that means more road trips and camping adventures in the great outdoors. But before you hit the highways and go off the beaten path, you will want to make sure your RV is safe to operate and in tip-top shape. Winter can do a number on your vehicle, especially if it has been staying idle in storage during freezing temperatures. That is why it is so crucial to de-winterize your RV. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we got you covered with these tips:

Spring Cleaning your rv

Be Safe for Spring Cleaning

Like with any other vehicle, you will want to inspect all of the key mechanical components of your RV, like the engine, battery, transmission, generator, fluids, and more. Tires will need to be checked for air levels, cracks, and worn tread, and they may possibly need to be rotated or replaced. And you will not want to forget your water filtration system. If you used antifreeze to winterize your freshwater system, then it will need to be drained in the de-winterization process. This can all be rather complicated, but thankfully, Patriot RV has your back and can assist you in the entire de-winterization of your RV.

Be Comfortable

People love to travel by RV because it can be like a second home, equipped with all of the conveniences of modern living. To keep the fridge cold, the showers warm, and the propane appliances cooking up your favorite meals, you will want to inspect the propane system. You will also want to check your air conditioner to ensure comfortable travels this season. Patriot RV knows these tasks can be daunting, and that is why are glad to offer routine service and maintenance for your RV.

Repair or Upgrade

If winter storms caused damage to your RV, then Patriot RV can assist in storm and hail damage repair, as well as provide insurance estimates. If your family has grown or you are simply in need of an RV upgrade, then please come visit us at 7405 Route 60 in Ashland and check out our inventory!

Patriot RV is Ashland, Kentucky’s trusted shop for all RV needs, great and small. To schedule an appointment with our technical service team, please give us a call at 833-779-0490.

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