Essential RV Space Saving Tips to Enhance Your Experience

Essential RV Space Saving Tips to Enhance Your Experience

Essential RV Space Saving Tips

RV space saving: One of the largest complaints among RV owners is that there is never enough space to store everything. Whether you have a small pop-up or the largest motorhome, you may feel a distinct lack of space. Never fear–we have some storage tips for you and your RV.

rv space saving tips for you

How to Store More in Your RV space saving

First, you may want to consider collapsible storage for your shelves in your RV. Often, mid-sized motorhomes have less storage than travel trailers because of the room taken up by the engine of the motorhome. There are tons of collapsible storage options to store your food. When you are not using it, the storage containers fold away. You may also want to look for a trash can that is collapsible as well so that you can store it away when you aren’t using it.

Also, all of those lids for your pots don’t have to be rattling around. There are pot lid organizers that can slip into the cabinet along with your nesting cookware. Keep in mind that especially in the kitchen, you will want to look for kitchen articles that are stackable and storable.

Another place where you can add a room to your RV is the closet. RV closets are notoriously small. You can make your closet feel bigger when you add plastic hanging storage and an over-the-door plastic shoe rack to keep your shoes organized. You might also want to look for collapsible hangers to maximize the amount of clothing you can store in your closet. With a little ingenuity, you can bring everything you want, and not feel strangled by stuff every time you travel.

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