The Best Advice You Get About Purchasing A Travel Trailer

The Best Advice You Get About Purchasing A Travel Trailer

Everybody knows how frustrating and empty-handed you can feel when you get all the way out on an RV camping trip, only to find that you forgot or misplaced something essential. We don’t want that to happen to you, which is why we thought you should check out this cool resource from RVing Know-How, a list of 22 must-have items if you just purchased your first purchasing travel trailer.

purchasing a travel trailer

Let’s condense a few of the most crucial items from their list:

Trailer Hitch Mount-purchasing a travel trailer

One of the joys of RV traveling is the sense of adventure that comes from being able to tow a nice travel trailer on the back of your heavy horsepower truck. Of course, you’ll need a trailer hitch mount and trailer brakes to be able to do that.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Not every road you drive on will be forgiving to the tires on your travel trailer. You’ll need to monitor the tire pressure to prevent blowouts.

Backup Camera

These usually go for about $100 and they’re worth it especially if you struggle to reverse large vehicles. Many modern vehicles come equipped with an entire camera safety system for this purpose as well.

Freshwater Hose

This one is critical. Whether you want to fill your freshwater holding tank or be able to clean things, a reliable hose is a game-changer.

Water Filter

You never know what kind of water you’ll get when you’re on a lengthy RV trip. That’s why you want a filter to remove harmful elements such as aluminum, arsenic, lead, or chlorine.

Sewage Hoses

It’s easy to overlook this until you realize you have nowhere to go with waste content from your trailer. Sewage hoses are needed to empty waste into a septic system.


X-chocks and standard wheel chocks are both options for ensuring that your trailer doesn’t roll around when parked.

Collapsible Household Items

It’s so important to have household items that can be stored conveniently. This includes buckets, chairs, dish racks, measuring cups, side tables, and storage boxes.

Portable Generator

The longer you go on your RV trip, the more important your power source becomes. They even make them so that you can recharge them with solar panels.

As we said, they had an extensive list of more than 22 items you need for your first travel trailer. We encourage you to review the complete list. In the meantime, Patriot RV of Ashland is proud to be your authoritative source for new/used RVs. If you’re in the market to purchase your first travel trailer and need help choosing the right one, we’re happy to assist. We’re located at 7405 Route 60 Ashland, KY, 41102. Our operation hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Call us at 833-779-0490.

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