Make Life Easier with These RV Camping Hacks

Make Life Easier with These RV Camping Hacks

Camping is fun, but it can also be complicated. If you want to take the hassle out of your next camping trip, consider these RV camping hacks to make life easier:

The first RV camping hacks take place before your trip even begins. Prep your RV before you leave for your camping adventure. Preparation includes inspecting your RV to make sure there are no mechanical problems. You also want to pack up your RV before you leave for your trip to make sure you have room for everything you need. If you’re running low on room, there are a few tips you can try to maximize storage.

Make Life Easier with These RV Camping Hacks

First, install suspension rods in your closets for hanging clothing. You can also add a piece of wood to your closet to create additional shelving. If you have larger items that may slide around in storage bins, use bungee cords to keep these items secure. Securing these items increases space and keeps your belongings safe. The space under your bed can also be used as storage. When it comes to packing for the kitchen area, bring as few supplies as necessary. A cast-iron skillet is a must but thinks about leaving other pots and pans behind. To store your skillet in your RV without taking up space, install a hook. Hanging your skillet from the wall doesn’t take up precious cabinet space and you also don’t have to dig around to find it when it’s time to eat. Meal prepping can also help you determine which kitchen items are essential and which can stay at home.

Once your RV is inspected, packed, and ready to go, you’re ready for your trip. When you arrive at the campsite, make sure to set up your space with citronella candles and bug spray to keep out mosquitoes. Lemon and cloves can also work as a DIY solution.

Campsite meals are nostalgic and tasty. To make prepping these meals easier, try filling an empty egg carton with a dozen pieces of coal and using it as a starter log for your fire. You can prevent food from sticking to your grill by rubbing it down with one-half of a sliced onion. You also want to pack plenty of aluminum foil for your trip to assist with both cooking and storing leftovers.

Try out these RV camping hacks tips in an RV from Patriot RV Ashland. You can shop our RV selection at 7405 Route 60 in Ashland. We look forward to seeing you here!

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