What Full Hookups Means at an RV Park

What Full Hookups Means at an RV Park

If you’re a new RV owner, you’ve probably noticed there are a lot of unique terminologies that get used a great deal. “Class A” and “Class C” might be terms you’ve become familiar with, but if you’re out and about on the open road, you might have seen a sign that reads “Full Hookups.” While you might also be on Tinder, we assure you that this has absolutely nothing to do with the terminology used in the world of online dating.

What Do “Full Hookups” Refer To?

full hookups

“Full hookups” refers to RV campsites that offer water, electrical, and sewage services. You have the ability to utilize these services with your RV and don’t need to move it to dump wastewater, refill freshwater tanks, or even recharge the batteries of your vehicle. Here’s a rundown of each service and how you benefit.


While some RV’s come equipped with 100-gallon freshwater tanks, you’ll run out at some point. At a full hookup RV site, you’ll have the ability to connect to a hose onsite and supply fresh water to your sink, shower, and toilet. This will keep you from going into your fresh water supply. Another huge advantage that works in your favor is that many RV sites don’t charge extra for water usage unless you’re staying for a lengthy period.


Going to the bathroom is something that’s unavoidable. The thought of driving around with raw sewage tanks is enough to turn anyone’s stomach. Luckily, at a full hookup RV site, you can hook up to a drainage system that allows you to drain waste while you use your RV. This is also why many people enjoy using RV sites as locations for long-term living.


Depending upon what type of RV you drive, it’s safe to assume that you have batteries and/or a generator. While these allow you to “live off the grid” for a short duration but aren’t formulated for long periods of usage. A full hookup RV site has an electrical connection that you’re allowed to plug into. On those hot and bothersome summer days, you’ll be able to run your AC without being bothered by the noise your generator makes.

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