How to Prepare Your RV for Winter

How to Prepare Your RV for Winter

November 4, 2021

Patriot RV of Ashland is here to offer tips on how to prepare your RV for the winter months. Read more to see how to prep your camper as it gets colder outside.

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Getting the interior area of your RV ready in preparation for winter is Essential. The refrigerator and freezer both need to be cleaned and defrosted. Another necessity is to turn off the LP gas supply valve as well as shut off the main breaker in the distribution panel. Be certain that you also clean the air conditioning filters and remove all batteries from electronic equipment.


Give the exterior portion of your RV a close look and carefully inspect all of the seams and the window sealant for cracks. Any crevices in the exterior must be repaired immediately so that water cannot seep through. Furthermore, lubricating all locks and hinges with an emollient is a wise decision.


If you have the ability to connect your RV to a power source while it remains in storage, you do not have to remove the batteries during the winter; however, be certain to plug your RV into the power source for a minimum of eight hours each month. To avoid having the batteries leak and freeze, monitor and calibrate the water levels from time to time. If you plan on keeping your RV in storage for an extended stay, take out the batteries once they are fully charged and keep them in an area where they will be safeguarded from freezing.


Inflate tires to the recommended air pressure and then shield them from the harmful effects of sunlight with a covering. It is a great idea to place a buffer between the ground and the tires to prevent damage from the frozen floor.


Park your RV in an optimum location. The very best storage site is beneath a covered area and on a firm surface such as concrete. If this is not a possibility, think about purchasing a protective cover for your RV that is constructed out of breathable material.


It is paramount that you drain the RV’s plumbing system. It only takes a tiny amount of water to freeze and expand which can actually cause the pipes to rupture. This is the reason that it is crucial to completely drain the whole system.

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