A Few Tips for First-Time RVers

A Few Tips for First-Time RVers

First Time Rvers: Are you new to the exciting world of RV traveling and recreation? That’s no problem. Patriot RV of Ashland would love to help you acclimate to the ever-enjoyable experience of camping and RVing. Here are a few tips that will you help you on your first RV trip.

RV Tips for First Time RVers

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Construct Itineraries, Make Checklists, and Arrive Before Dark

Wise travelers organize their travel plans as much as possible before going anywhere. Construct a good itinerary or schedule, make checklists of the things you want to do, hit your priorities early, and always try to arrive at your intended campsite before dusk. If you wait too long, it could be miserable finding a spot to camp.

Factor in Some Downtime Just In Case

Veteran RV travelers will tell you to expect the unexpected. You will encounter downtime at some point or another, completely beyond your control. Also, you should probably plan some downtime so that you can rest after you’ve been hiking, driving, fishing, or exercising for several days in a row. It’s easy to get burnt out too quickly early in a road trip. Carefully crafted downtime can help avoid that problem.

Make Sure Your RV is Level-first time rvers

You’ll want to review all the safety facets of RVing before you hit the road. This is especially significant if you are still unfamiliar with a new RV.
Did you know that your RV refrigerator can malfunction if you fail to keep everything level? That’s because refrigerators depend on a level surface with consistent gravity for the cooling unit to operate properly.

What else depends on gravity and level grounding? The plumbing structure for your bathroom, sinks, washers and other appliances needs this too. Therefore, always keep the trailer on an even surface whenever you park it. Make good use of leveling blocks so that you can avoid any unwanted catastrophes.

Follow Camping Etiquette

Good camping neighbors always observe camping courtesy. This includes good practices like not camping too close to one another, keeping the noise low (especially at night), restraining your pets properly, and setting up all equipment BEFORE neighbors go to sleep.

Take Advantage of Camping Discount Memberships

It pays to research and discovers as many great discounts as possible. Camping and RVing sometimes require a significant budget, which means you should identify ways to reduce costs wherever possible. Fortunately, there are several opportunities to acquire discount passes to national parks. America The Beautiful Access Pass is a great example of this. first time rvers It includes free access for children under 15 as well as favorable senior-citizen rates.

Explore As Much As Possible

Finally, don’t be afraid to go for the gusto and get the most out of your trip. Itineraries and plans are important, but you shouldn’t enslave yourself to them. You’re bound to discover some hidden gems whenever you embark on a lengthy road trip throughout the United States. Explore as much as possible. Then you won’t have any regrets.

Patriot RV Ashland hopes you get the most out of your RV adventures. Always be patient and never get discouraged by momentary setbacks; they’re bound to happen. If you need any assistance preparing or want to purchase new/used RV first time rvers, we’d love to show you everything. Call us at (833) 779-0490 to learn more about all we have to offer. Happy RVing!

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