5 RV Resolutions You Should Make for 2022

5 RV Resolutions You Should Make for 2022

5 Must-Make RV New Year’s Resolutions

Are you still mulling over a good New Year’s RV resolutions? Why not make the resolutions to take even more excellent and thrilling RV trips? We think it’s a much better use of time to make a resolution that you’ll have a fulfilling blast.


1. Take More Trips- RV resolutions

rv resolutions Should you go on more trips? Of course, you should! Nothing is worse than spending your hard-earned resources on a luxury travel trailer, only to let it sit in the driveway. Make 2022 the year you finally visit an amazing destination like Glacier National Park or your childhood favorite campground you haven’t tried in years.

2. Find New Places to Explore

Perhaps you’re at a loss for where to go. Maybe you’re a seasoned travel veteran whose seen everything already. We have the solution! Check out one of the 9 Best U.S. National Parks for RV Camping. We’re almost certain there’s one you’ve never done.

3. Make Friends at the Campground

Sometimes it’s very easy to become too reclusive when you travel, but that means you’re not availing yourself of the tremendous opportunity to meet fellow travelers. We encourage you to take a chance and strike up conversations with the strangers you meet at campsites. Since RVing is an endeavor that requires financial investment and preparation, you’re likely to encounter folks who are as serious and passionate about it as you are.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Explore The Unbeaten Path

If Resolution #3 isn’t your cup of tea, then this might be a better idea. Instead of visiting a popular camping destination, take your well-equipped RV totally off the beaten path and explore something new and pristine. Nothing beats camping out in the wild. Just make sure you prepare accordingly (for weather, wildlife encounters, plenty of resources, etc.).

5. Spruce Up Your RV

Patriot RV Prestonburg carries a huge array of RVs, boats, and other luxury items. Once you’ve bought a quality RV, you might want to double-check to ensure you didn’t miss an essential accessory. Make sure you have a solid hitch mount, trailer brakes, reverse camera, leveling blocks/chocks, as well as any interior components like kitchen and cooking supplies.

We know you’ll have no trouble sticking to these awesome resolution ideas. Deep down, you’ve probably been wanting to do these for a while. Now is a great time to make a bold travel plan and execute it.

Patriot RV Prestonsburg wants you to make the most of 2022 by exploring the United States with the best RV equipment. If you’re new to this hobby and want help getting started, then we’re your best resource for RVs and accessories. Check out all our inventories and call us any time at (606) 506-4300 to learn more.

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