A Beginner's 5 Guide to RV Kitchen Favorites

A Beginner’s 5 Guide to RV Kitchen Favorites

5 RV Kitchen Favorites

There are just certain things you REALLY want to have when you deck out a nice RV for a spectacular road trip across America. This might be especially important for folks who want to put together great food in the kitchen while they travel. In addition, it helps to have some of those basic necessities for long trips. Don’t worry, though. These are just the little items that don’t cost too much!

Reliable & Effective Water Filtration

rv kitchen There’s a lot of planning that goes into how you would handle water in your RV. This covers everything from plumbing fixtures to washing machines, drinking water, and more. For the latter, you’ll want to track down a reliable water filter. You can approach this in many different ways, but travel pros utilize durable water filters like the ones made by Big Berkey.


A Good Dish Rack

You want to keep your dishes dry without having to devote tons of time to doing it by hand. If you don’t have a dishwasher in your RV, we recommend getting a good dish rack to let them dry the old-fashioned way.

Collapsible Strainer

These ones are also water-related. It’s important to wash and strain your food while traveling, but you don’t want something bulky that consumes excessive space. Like anything else in RVing, look for a collapsible version for your strainer.

A Good Air Fryer

Air fryers are super useful for travelers because they serve multiple cooking roles: grill, fryer, roaster, desiccator, and more. This is also a healthy way to eat with little or no cooking oil. Air fryers help a lot on those days when you don’t want to drag out the grill or utilize tons of dishes cooking.

Cocktail Shaker for Evening Drinks

It’s nice to make a nice stiff drink or cocktail when the driving, hiking, and sightseeing finally culminates. The Superior Shaker comes highly recommended. It’s durable, measures ingredients have insulation, and allows you to make outstanding mixed drinks and concoctions.

These are a few fun ideas to make your travel and RV experience more enjoyable. Of course, if you’re new to this hobby, you’ll want to check out our selection of RV models. The first step involves investigating and identifying your ideal RV, followed by checking it out in person to see how it suits your various wants and needs. We’re happy to guide you along the way and answer any questions.

Patriot RV Prestonsburg carries all sorts of awesome RVs and boats to suit any recreational purpose. We never pressure you to make a hasty selection and always encourage advance preparation for everything you’d need in your RV kitchen or anywhere else. If you want further RV assistance, feel free to contact us at (606) 506-4300.

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