5 Highly Effective Habits for Keeping Your RV Clean

5 Highly Effective Habits for Keeping Your RV Clean

One of the best attributes of being an RV owner is the freedom that comes with it. The open road is your domain and the elements won’t hinder you from planning the perfect camping trip. RVs also carry a great deal of responsibility with them. Keeping them neat and tidy is an important task. Because you’ll be living out of them, sanitation and cleanliness are a must. Here are 5 cleaning habits that will make your next road trip a lot less messy.

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Clean It Good, Clean It Now

It’s easy to put off tasks that are important. Procrastination is all too tempting sometimes. Putting a day aside to clean your RV will save you headaches down the road. Packing your bags and not forgetting anything before a trip is stressful enough—you don’t want to have to do a cleaning overhaul at the last moment.

Remove It Right Away

There’s a good chance of having some mud and bugs encounter your RV when you’re on the road. Road grime can wear out your RV’s undercarriage and bugs and dirt can rot paint and even cause scratches. Removing these eyesores soon after they first happen will be one less thing to worry about.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Available

Accidents can happen, and most of the time they do. Keeping your RV stocked with cleaning supplies will ensure that you can tackle any of them head-on. Bug spray, Windex, and disinfectant are all recommended. (And don’t forget a mop.)

Food Storage Areas Need TLC

Any area on your RV that you use for the storage or preparation of food needs to be cleaned often during your trip. Spoiled food can cause salmonella and other forms of food poisoning. Keeping these areas sanitary will ensure anything you consume is safe. It’s also advised to properly dispose of discarded food whenever possible, as to not attract unwelcome vermin.

An Annual Detail

Once a year, you might have the need to take your car in to get detailed. An RV needs the same attention. Getting your RV detailed once a year will make sure it looks good and getting rid of all the unwanted grime that accumulates over 365 days will eliminate the risk of fading paint and unwanted blemishes.

Keeping your RV clean ensures that you’ll have memories while taking your next road trip, and not a lot of messes. Patriot RV of Prestonsburg understands that just as much as you do. From RV’s, ATV’s, and boats, we’re here to help those aspirations of a road trip a reality. Visit us at 2771 US Rt. 23 in South Prestonsburg, KY for a look at our inventory and special sales.

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